LATINO LOOP for the Week of August 7, 2020

The coronavirus death toll in Latin America passed 200,000 last weekend, making it one of the most impacted regions of the world.  Deaths in Brazil and Mexico alone account for over 70% of the death toll.The region, which hosts around 8% of the world’s population, accounts for almost 30% of cases globally.

Former King of Spain, Juan Carlos has left the country following scrutiny of alleged financial dealings.

Naya Rivera was laid to rest last week in Los Angeles. The actress’ death certificate says she died within minutes from drowning and no other condition was linked to her death.

A cartel war has transformed the Mexican state of Guanajuato into one of the deadliest areas of the country. The number of killings in the state last year reached 3,540, more than three times higher than in 2016.

Red Sox pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez has opted out of the rest of the season after developing a heart condition, myocarditis, following his recovery from COVID-19.

Univision’s Premios Juventud will host its first-ever virtual media center during the livestream of the awards on August 13th providing media access to performers, presenters and winners.

Colombia’s Supreme Court ordered the detention this week of former President Alvaro Uribe amid an investigation into fraud, bribery and witness tampering.

Coors Light announced this year’s finalists for the Coors Light LĂ­der of the Year 2020. The finalists were nominated for their civic leadership and who through their words and actions establish noteworthy improvement in the lives of individuals, communities and organizations.  The winner will receive a $25,000 grant for his/her non-profit organization. More info here.

Mexico set a new record in coronavirus cases with over 9,500 reported cases in a day this past weekend. Mexico overtook Britain as the country with the third highest number of fatalities globally due to the virus.

Immigration Nation debuted on Netflix this week. The documentary series received pushback from both ICE and the Trump administration, who tried to block the use of some of the series’ footage and threatened legal action.

U.S. District Judge Esther Salas released an emotional video this week following the murder of her son in a shooting at her home that also injured her husband.  In the video, Salas criticizes the lack of privacy and protection given to federal judges. Watch the video HERE.

New York Mets’ Yoenis Cespedes raised concerns when he was a no-show for a game versus the Atlanta Braves this past weekend.  Hours later the Mets confirmed that Cespedes opted out of the rest of the 2020 season due to coronavirus concerns.

Guatemala’s Supreme Court announced its acceptance of a request for a hearing regarding allegations of power abuse against Vice President Guillermo Castillo.

A Florida couple, Jose Antonio Freire Interian and Yohana Anahi Gonzalez, has been charged with breaking quarantine during a public health emergency and violating emergency management after repeatedly ignoring orders to self-isolate and being caught leaving the house and running errands despite testing positive for the coronavirus. The couple was released from jail the next day after posting a $1,000 bond.

According to court records from Liechtenstein obtained by the AP, Venezuela’s former treasurer, Claudia Diaz, is under investigation for transferring almost $10 million dollars out of Venezuela following Hugo Chavez’s death via 250 gold bars.  Read more about it here.

After initially announcing it would update the names of products like Trader Jose’s and Trader Ming’s according to a recent online petition, Trader Joe’s backtracked and announced it will not change the names stating “we disagree that any of these labels are racist”.

Los Angeles’ restaurant HomeState launched the Chicano Batman taco, a $5 vegan taco developed in collaboration with the band.  All profits from the taco’s sale will be donated.

Honduras extended its coronavirus curfew for another week, through August 9th. The curfew has been in place since March and is in effect from 5pm until 7am.

Panama’s government proposed the idea of flying Haitian migrants home. Haitians make up 80% of the 2,000 refugees living in camps in Southern Panama.

KEXP announced changes to its DJs and lineup in an effort to become an “anti-racist organization”. Among the changes to the Seattle public radio station are the addition of Albina Cabrera as co-host alongside DJ Chilly for the weekly “El Sonido” show.

Guillermo Pous is participating in the Great Cycle Challenge USA to raise funds to fight kids’ cancer.  Pous is a cancer survivor and will ride over 400 miles as part of the challenge. Find out more here.

Entertainment channel Ultra Luna is airing four international drama stories this August from Chile, Spain and Turkey. The novelas are Perdona Nuestros Pecados, Salazon, Promesas de Arenas and 20 Minutos.

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